Version 1.0.1 has been released.

Hello again!

[EDIT: We found a significant performance issue in 1.0.1, so we’ve released a 1.0.2 version that fixes it.  Have fun!]

We have released an update to the IntelliJ-Haxe plugin.  This is a small release, mostly to fix some incompatibilities that had crept in — and to support IDEA 2018.1.

I have to apologize to @mayakwd who put a lot of effort into what I simply termed as “refactored imports” in the previous release notes.  As he pointed out, there were a number of important changes that developers will want to be aware of.  (They are now enumerated as the first five entries in the 1.0.0 notes.)

1.0.1 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Updated change notes for 1.0.0 (enumerated several important import changes).
  • Add Haxe Sdk setup validation.
  • Use SDK classpath as well as sourcepath to find the standard library. (Issue #774)
  • Better error handling when haxelibs are installed incorrectly. (Issue #780)
  • 2017.3 and 2018.1 builds. (Issues #719, #789)
  • Workaround debugger crash. (Issue #792)
  • Fix typo in haxelib metadata parser, which was keeping library sub-tree source directories from being found.

1.0.0 (HaxeFoundation release)

  • Import of static fields/methods.
  • Imports alias hinting support.
  • Proper wildcard import resolution.
  • Import optimizer now works properly.
  • Proper module scoping for resolving.
  • Add $trace to the list of built-ins to recognize.
  • Semantic Annotation: Infer missing function types from code blocks.
  • Semantic Annotation: Support arrow functions.
  • Semantic Annotation: Add local variable type checking.
  • Properly detect function types when used in type parameters (generics).
  • Fix Flash “Run” target to launch the file that the compile process creates.
  • Non-OpenFL projects now use a better algorithm to determine output directories and files.
  • Add source directories to classpath during compiler completions. (More completions, fewer errors.)
  • Use non-haxe-logo version of icons when completions are not provided by the compiler.
  • Compatibility fix for non-IDEA products: stop logging to stderr! (Issue #724)
  • Improved Enum parsing; added generalized algebraic data types support.
  • Add true Map literal support. (No longer parsed as Array.)
  • Added visibility detection rules (e.g. @NoCompletion) regarding language docs.
  • Fixes to error message parsing (no longer account info messages to JetBrains installation directory).
  • Split ‘lime test’ into ‘lime update; lime build’ and ‘lime run’, for Make and Run/Debug tasks.
  • Add folding support:
    • For documentation comments (/** */).
    • For comment regions. (// region Name … // end region) (Issue #529)
    • Braces for classes, methods, etc.
    • For imports and usings.
    • For compiler conditionals (#if, etc.)
  • Fixed a number of NPEs in the ProjectUpdater.
  • Add enums from the current file completion suggestion lists.
  • Fixed the resolution order for imports vs. package. (Issue #741)
  • Fixed inability to resolve enum parameter symbols at case statement. (Issue #351)
  • Dropped support for IDEA versions 14 and 15.
  • Internal: Began refactoring the resolver. New models are introduced.
  • Changed “static variable override” to a weak warning, instead of a regular warning.
  • Imports handling has been refactored.
  • Allow @:meta without parens.
  • Properly parse variable declarations in return statements. (Issue #329)
  • Fixed parsing of ‘throw’ statements within a ternary expression. (Issue #704)
  • Allow all string literal forms as field identifiers in structures. (Issue #662)