The Best IDE Meets Haxe

Start with the gold standard Integrated Development Environment.  Mix in the best cross-platform language that allows you to create games and applications that run anywhere.  The result is the best, and most full-featured, toolkit available to augment your creativity, to create that next killer app or that mega-hit game.

IntelliJ-Haxe is the glue that marries the Haxe language to IntelliJ IDEA.  It is a language plug-in that knows the Haxe language inside and out.  It …

OK.  Let’s cut the hyperbole…

The IntelliJ-Haxe project is quite simply a project that enables you to work effectively within IntelliJ IDEA.  It has its flaws.  And it has its advantages (which outweigh the flaws, in our opinion).  And, it has a team of regular contributors that keep it going.  Very recently (in January 2017), a company was formed with the particular focus of building this tool into the best experience possible.  The velocity of the project has increased, with some of our most intractable and longstanding problems being solved.  We hope the that fruits of our labor become apparent to you, and that you find, once again, that developing in Haxe can be a pleasure.

Sure, there are a number of competitors out there getting a lot of attention recently (vsHaxe and HaxeDevelop come to mind).  However, we think that competition is a good thing.  In fact, we all know each other and work together on occasion.  In the end, our goal is the same:  increase the usability of the tools, increase the speed of development, and increase the user base of the language.

We Would Love to Hear From You

So, we would certainly like to know what you need fixed, and what new features you would like to see in the future.  You can add issues and requests to our issues list on GitHub.  You can also ask questions via our contact form.  And, if you need professional support, we’re here to help with everything from custom features to work flow integration; again, use the contact form.

You can also find the source code and our latest releases and test builds on GitHub.  However, if you simply want to use the plug-in, it can be installed simply within IDEA itself, via the Settings dialog.  (Full Installation instructions are available in our WIKI.)

Right now, we’re just getting this site rolling.  Watch this space (and our blog posts) to keep tabs on us, and see what new things we have in store for you.

So, you’d like to help out?

We can definitely use your help, whether you want to write plug-in code or financially support us.  You can contribute via the project maintainer’s Patreon page and get special rewards for doing so.  For corporate sponsors, those willing to subsidize specific functionality, or those that require specific service levels, we suggest getting in contact with our support partners, Bishton Software Solutions.  For those who want to contribute code, documentation, or testing resources, see the project’s contributing page.

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