Status report: January 2019

Hi folks,

This month, while I spent a little bit of time understanding and finding how to fix class name refactoring, I realized that it wasn’t as high up my sponsor’s priority list as “Better error detection” was, so I switched gears back to the detection and have spent my time fixing those issues as I find them. The only one that was particularly pointed out in the work description was “var i : int = 10/2;”. I’ve fixed that and a number of other issues and am now working on the highlighted lines here:

Highlighting Type Errors

By the way, the inspections you see here are not limited to Float/Int comparisons; it applies to anything that is assignment [in]compatible. That said, the plugin doesn’t have any real unification support or monomorph type coercion yet.

What I worked on for our sponsors:

1) Type annotation cleanup: (ongoing)

  • Detect Float values being assigned to Int variables in variable declarations – including adding selectable quick fixes (such as “Wrap with”). (complete – not reviewed — was in-progress last month)
  • Detect incompatibility when initializing variables using type-tagged expressions (complete – not reviewed);
  • Detect incompatibility when initializing variables using parenthesized expressions (complete – not reviewed);
  • Detect incompatibility during assignment (in-progress)

2) Renaming a class (refactoring) inappropriately renames the constructor. (in-progress)

What I worked on for the Community:

1) Fix review comments and merged “Extract Variable” and “Extract Constant” refactorings. (merged)

  • Added type-tag parsing (in general) and support it during extraction. (completed in January)
  • Detect type and use it to make better name suggestions. (completed in January)
  • Avoid using/allowing keywords as variable names/suggestions. (completed in January)
  • Stop infinite loop when a variable was being extracted to the class level. (completed in December)
  • Avoid Haxe keywords when making variable name suggestions. (complete in December)
  • Fixed multi-select (for renaming all occurrences simultaneously). (completed in December)
  • Fixed semi-colon detection and insertion. (completed in December)

2) Adding tab settings pane (in-progress):

  • Get pane to display. (complete)
  • Save settings and honor them. (complete, except for continuations)
  • Honor continuation settings. (in-progress)

3) Research and preliminary work on Issue #641 – where unexpected directories (e.g. root!) are being deleted.

4) Some progress on the new UI for standard library locations. (It is going slow.)

Community contributions:

1) Updated hxcpp-debugger code with code generated using hxjava 3.2.0 to get rid of warnings and messy class names (m0rkeulv). (merged)

Next month:

1) Finish tab settings pane.
2) Continue type annotation cleanup. (sponsor priority)
3) Fix class constructor being inappropriately renamed during class rename refactoring.
4) Fix debugging C++ projects when build with Lime. (Currently looks like an hxcpp issue.)
5) Time for another release!
6) Continue UI for standard library locations.
7) Haxe 4 features?

Have a great month, everybody!