Status Report: April 2018

Hello everybody,

This month we had a couple of patch releases that fixed a few issues with our 1.0 release. We have 2017.3- and 2018-specific releases available now with the compatibility issues addressed.

What I did for this month for my sponsors:
– CPU over-use debugging (incomplete).

What I did for everybody:
– Build and release scripts for IDEA 2017.3 and 2018.
– Fix source incompatibilities for these versions of IDEA.
– Fix a debugger crash when multiple files with the same base file name exist in the project. (Issue 792)
– Released 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 patches.
– Better error handling when haxelibs are installed incorrectly.

Community contributions this month:
– Fix performance issues with indexing and syntax inspections.
– Add support for ‘final’ syntax introduced in Haxe 4.
– Add support for new function type syntax introduced in Haxe 4.
– Fix support of explicit abstract forwards; now fields and methods that were not forwarded will not be resolved as valid.
– Fixed recognition of standard types for more project configurations.
– Add Haxe SDK setup validation.
– Fix typo in haxelib metadata parser, which was keeping library sub-tree source directories from being found.

On my queue for next month:
– Duplicate and fix the CPU over-use issue on macOS.
– More work toward parsing and syncing project files, leading to the automatic managing for compiler conditional definitions.