The Haxe plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA is a language support product that allows IDEA to understand the Haxe language.  It provides full IDE support including colorizing, compilation, refactoring, and debugging.  It requires IntelliJ-IDEA Ultimate or Community Edition and works with versions 14.x through 2017.1.  (There are different releases for each version of IDEA.)

Published versions of the product are available through JetBrains’ plug-in repository and github.

Pre-release and feature test versions are available at github.

Short History

The plug-in was first created by JetBrains in 2012.  In the summer of 2013, the primary developer left JetBrains and the company was no longer interested in supporting the product.  At the community’s request, JetBrains licensed the plug-in under the Apache 2.0 open source license and published the source code on github.  For a while, they maintained a minimal amount of interest, merging community changes and so forth, but soon abandoned the project entirely.

TiVo, who was a main user of the code, decided to support and maintain the plug-in for their internal development.  They published their changes to the community via their own github fork which became the de-facto repository.  Eventually, TiVo also lost interest in continuing full-time support and development of the project.  (It isn’t a product that they made income from, after all.)

In January 2017, Eric Bishton, the project’s maintainer for TiVo, decided to create a company to develop and support the product full time.  He commenced efforts to move TiVo’s fork of the repository to the Haxe Foundation, where it resides today.  He continues to maintain the project.

In November 2018, JetBrains agreed to make their (now outdated) repository a fork of the Haxe Foundation github repository, completing the transfer of the project entirely to the Haxe user community.