Status Report: July 2018

Hi folks,

This month, most of my time went to the CPU over-use issue. Thanks to a bug report from Matan Uberstein, I have finally been able to duplicate it on a Windows PC, too. The base problem is that “resolving” (or figuring out what/where the type that is being referred to is defined) has slowed down and it is most apparent when working with large files — either editing or including them. This was due to a restructuring of that code: refactoring to use our model APIs and making it compliant with the Haxe language (if multiple versions of a name were found, we may have picked the wrong one). What I said last month is still true: the background processing of annotations (“Find Unused Imports” and colorizing) is much slower, and that is in large part due to the resolution issue. I have some more optimizations and I’ll keep working on it.

What I did for our sponsors:
1) CPU Over-use bug. Profiling, code path optimization.

What I did for the Community:
1) Small number of code reviews.
2) Worked on using HAXE_STD_LIB environment variable and associated UI and project changes (ongoing).

Contributions from the community:
1) Initial “Hello World!” content for new projects.  (Thanks to Alexander Kuzmenko!)

Next month [same as last month 🙁 ]:
– CPU Over-use: Finish optimizing and/or refactor “Find Unused Imports” inspection.
– Finish using HAXE_STD_LIB environment variable and be able to set it inside of IDEA.
– Fix bug where Neko (NME) is trying to be launched when custom or HXML configurations are specified.
Stretch goal – Release 11.3
Stretch goal – More work toward parsing and syncing project files, leading to the automatic managing for compiler conditional definitions.