Version 1.2 Released

Now compatible with IntelliJ IDEA version 2019! We’ve added some more support for Haxe 4, in the guise of supporting resolution and completions through abstracts. We’ve added better internal type inference (and support for type checks) to improve our error highlighting. And, we’ve improved Rename and Introduce Variable refactorings.

Getting the Plugin:

You can pick the plugin up at the usual places:

Change Notes:

  • Update builds for 2019.1 and 2018.x versions.
  • Fix completion on abstracts using generic underlying types (e.g. abstract MyClass<T>(T) {}) (Issue #772)
  • Fix completion through abstracts.
  • Resolve fields and methods through abstracts.
  • Haxe 4: Special rules to resolve Null<T> as abstract.
  • Fixed constructor being renamed when a class is renamed (refactored). (Issue #776, #785)
  • Fixed ClassCastException when Refactor->Rename was used on generic type names.
  • No longer display type mismatch errors when using abstracts with (varying) generic type parameters. (e.g. Null<String>, Null<Test>)
  • Better detection of types inferred after declaration (monomorphs).
  • Fixed type detection for expressions in parenthesis.
  • Downgrade visibility (public/private) incompatibility to a warning.
  • Allow “Dynamic” as an interface type.
  • Detect simple type mismatches in declarations and assignments. Add quick fixes for them.
  • Check type of type check statements (e.g. (myExpression : Float)) and warn. Add quick fixes.
  • Auto-close regions and conditionally (un)compiled code, and add checkboxes to the Settings panel for folding.
  • Fix Extract Variable and Extract Constant refactorings (Issue #844):
    • Fixed infinite loop when extracting multiple occurrences.
    • Avoid keywords when making name suggestions.
    • Fix multi-select for custom names in all occurrences.
    • Fix semi-colon insertion/detection.
    • Suggest variable names based upon expression type.
  • Allow AIR targets to be debugged using the flash system. (Issue #849)